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Created for Your Peace of Mind…

Our team provides the solution of applying for and maintenance of state licensing for pet food and treats.

Our Retail Compliance solution allows our team to partner with major retailers to ensure their suppliers of pet food are in state compliance and remain that way — providing retailers with the peace of mind they need to focus on more important aspects of their business.


Conveniently Monitor Supplier Compliancy

We know data is king; however, equally as important is ensuring the insights you have are timely and meaningful. Our proprietary portal, Automation Wizard (PAW), enables you to quickly access supplier information, including their compliancy status, labels, product information, and other supporting documentation. You have the flexibility to decide what level of detail you want to see – enabling you to make informed business decisions. Even better, our system makes it easy for your suppliers to stay organized in what is an otherwise time consuming and overwhelming process and, of course, our team is always standing by ready to help them! Some of the benefits to enrolling in our Retail Compliance program include:

  • Supplier Verification 
  • Centralized Database 
  • Key Insights 
  • Custom Dashboard

PFC Compliance

our Retail compliance program will…

ensure registration requirements are met on a state-by-state basis

Consolidate supplier information and supporting documentation into one easy-to-navigate, centralized location accessible from anywhere with internet access

provide retailers with high-level insights including historical data and pertinent documentation

report compliancy status – compliant, non-compliant, pending information

lend flexibility to customize reports to meet the compliance needs of retail partners

establish a foundation of data-informed decision making


Retailer & Supplier Costs

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