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Our Compliance Solutions

We simplify the process of state licensing, registration, and reporting for pet food and treats. Whether you’re new to the pet food industry and looking to better understand the process for staying compliant with each state, or you are established and realize the burden of managing ongoing requirements, our streamlined process and knowledgeable team will keep you compliant while saving you time and money.

Registration & Renewals

Complete, compile, and submit the forms and supporting documentation to meet each state’s requirements for bringing your product to market. 

Tonnage Reports

Complete and submit tonnage/sales reports to meet state requirements and avoid off-sales and fines.

Retail Compliance

Gain visibility of your pet food and treat supplier compliance using our proprietary portal and Retail Compliance solution. 

WE know you might be wondering… 

Do My Products Need Registration?

In most cases, anything that can be consumed by an animal (pet or livestock) requires registration. This includes food and feed, treats, and even supplements if they are administered in treat or food form.

If you have any question about whether your product needs to be registered in the U.S., reach out to our team! We work with our clients to determine the best compliance solution for their needs to keep things simple, efficient and most importantly — compliant!


I was so happy to find a company that could help me navigate through all the different state registration requirements! I know I was ready to pull my hair out! The team is absolutely great to work with and I always know they will take care of each state and solve any challenge we are faced with to make sure our registrations are done right! Thank you PFC for all you do!

Evanka Downs, Outward Hound

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