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We approach pricing just like our process – simple! Regardless of whether you need to register in a single state or all 50, the cost to register and renew your licenses will be the same: $150*. Tonnage and sales reporting (when required) is just $25 per filing.


Frequently Asked Questions

how long does it take to setup my pfc account?

We can have your account setup in less than five minutes. Give us a call or sign up online using our automated system, PAW.


Will you help resolve registration or license issues with a state?

Absolutely! We will work on your behalf with the state to find out how the license issue can be resolved quickly and with minimal costs.

Can you do my tonnage reporting?

We sure can!

Is there one registration or license to sell in any states?

Almost all of the states have some sort of registration or licensing requirements that you mmust meet before your product can be offered for sale in the United States. There is no uniformity in the registration and license requirements. Each state has their own forms, and the registration and/or licensing fees vary from state to state.

What if I don't register in a state?

States audit stores and online sales. If a product is found by a state official and it is not registered, your product can be removed from the store and fines assessed.

Are there specific rules regarding product labels?

Labels are highly regulated — on a state and federal level. However, the compliance of labeling is somewhat subjective and can vary greatly depending on the context and regulatory agency. Each state has the legal authority to review or a feed or pet food label and approve or reject the proposed products for distribution in their state.

Do I need to register my pet food or treat if I set it online or at a farmer's market?

Yes! Treats, snacks, and nutritional supplements and edible chews are all considered pet food. Pet food is considered a commercial feed and must be registered if it is sold in a store, online, and even a farmer’s market.

What is considered pet food or pet treat?

Treats, snacks, and nutritional supplements and edible chews are all considered pet food.

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